1000 Series Ultra Portable Calibrator (80 ppm)

1000 Series Ultra Portable Calibrator (80 ppm)

  • AC/DC Voltage to 1000V
  • AC/DC Current to 10A (500A with coil)
  • 2 Wire Resistance to 100 MOhms
  • Continuity Resistance (up to 320mA Meas.Current)
  • Capacitance
  • Frequency
  • Thermocouple Simulation
  • PRT Simulation
  • Pressure Measurement (via Transducers)
  • Process Control Measurement (mV / mA)
  • Insulation Tester Calibration (optional)




Ultra Portable Multi Product Calibrator Featuring 80ppm accuracy with the full functionality of calibrators 2x the size

The new 1000 Series is set to transform the world of calibration – the completely new design utilizes the latest in cutting edge digital and analog electronics, combined with the latest manufacturing techniques to create the worlds first ultra portable full function calibrator. Transmille have applied their expertise in designing bench and transportable calibrators to create this new generation of multi function calibrators to offer true portability and rapid return on investment.

For the first time the 1000 Series will allow you to easily take your calibration laboratory with you. The significant improvement in portability changes how and where calibration can be performed. On-site calibration is not a new idea, but older designs meant carrying large, heavy instruments. The 1000 Series is easy to carry, quick to set up anywhere and a fast warm up time allows work to be started quickly.

Not sure what calibrator is right for you? Check out our workload chart, or give us a call (802) 846 7582, we are always here to help.

Condensed Specifications

Function Range Resolution Accuracy
DC Voltage 0 to 1020V 1uV 80ppm
DC Current 0 to 10A 1nA 0.03%
AC Voltage 0 to 1020V (10Hz to 2kHz) 1uV 0.08%
AC Current 0 to 10A (10Hz to 2kHz) 1nA 0.1%
Resistance (simulated) 0 to 10MO 1mO 0.02%
Resistance (passive) 10O to 100MO (decades) 100uO 0.02%
Capacitance (passive) 10nF to 1uF 0.1pF 0.8%
Insulation Resistance (Optional) 1MO to 1GO 0.1MO pF 0.8%
PRT Resistance -200 to 800°C 0.01°C 20ppm
Thermocouple Simulation J,K,T,R,S,B,N,E,L,U,C 0.01°C 0.22°C

External Adaptors – Condensed Specifications

Adaptor Function & Range Resolution Accuracy
EA001A Thermocouple Sim & Measurement (J,K,T,R,S,B,N,E,L,U,C) 0.01°C 0.09°C
EA002 2/ 10/ 50 Turn Clamp Coil 0.24%
EA003 Optical Tachometers (0 to 60,000 RPM) 1 RPM 50 RPM
Process Control Adaptor
Voltage Measurement (100mV)
Voltage Measurement (1V)
Voltage Measurement (30V)
Current Measurement (30mA)
0.2% ± 2 digits
0.2% ± 2 digits
0.2% ± 2 digits
0.3% ± 2 digits


2 / 10 / 50 TURN





A superior thermocouple simulation & Measurement option, using an external adapter. Temperature gradients / thermal EMFs which can be introduced by internally mounted thermocouple simulation methods are one of the greatest sources of error with thermocouple
temperature calibration.

For the ultimate in accuracy, Transmille has designed a dedicated external adapter. This keeps the electronics required to generate the low level signals as close as possible to the measuring input of the thermometer. This also allows the signal to be as free as possible from electrical noise, and also eliminates errors caused by heat generated by surrounding electronics in the calibrator.

  • Direct simulation and Measurement of 8 Thermocouple types
  • CJC sensor built into the thermocouple plug –
    Measures the CJC temperature
    at the closest point to the
    cold junction.

Special care has been taken over the cold junction compensation – a common source of errors in thermocouple calibration. the cold junction compensation (CJC) sensor is mounted in the thermocouple plug itself. By measuring the cold junction at the instruments input allows any type of thermocouple to be simulated without using compensation cables.

EA002 / EA019

Designed for the calibration of both wound AC and magnetic field hall effect AC/DC clamp meters the Transmille current coil offers several unique features built in a robust construction, complete with alignment table for ease of use.

  • Calibrates clamp meters up to 1500A (30A input)
  • 2 / 10 / 50 Turn Coils
  • High accuracy AC/DC balanced design
  • Wide range of clamp sizes covered
  • Includes alignment table for repeatable readings

Three coils in one provide the ability to calibrate a wide range of coils, from small lower clamps down to 10mm jaw diameter to larger current clamps.



Using a high intensity LED light source, optical tachometers can be calibrated quickly and easily. Simply enter the RPM value using the calibrator keypad or use ProCal software for automated calibration.

  • High intensity LED light source
  • Direct keyboard input in RPM
  • Range 60 to 60,000 RPM


The 3000 Series supports pressure calibration using a range of pressure modules which connect directly to the calibrator. The pressure modules cover a wide range – an optional hand pressure pump is available as an option to generate pneumatic pressure up to 60Bar and vacuum to -0.95Bar.

  • Operated using ProCal or Virtual Front Panel software
  • Accuracy to 0.04%
  • Optional hand pressure pump



A comprehensive set of test leads and adapters is provided in this option lead set to cover requirements from low level DC through to high current and high resistance measurements.

The leads and materials supplied in this measurement set have been carefully selected to minimise connection / lead errors. The safety of the lead set is ensured by the use of non-retractable shrouded connectors for the voltage lead set.



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