Precision Current Shunt Array, Model 3000CS

Precision Current Shunt Array, Model 3000CS

  • Dedicated 4 shunt array from 10mA to 10A
  • 4 Wire PT100 Output on Rear Terminals
  • Highest Precision Foil Current Sensing Resistors
  • Extremely low Temperature Coefficients
  • Lightweight and Portable



Temp Coefficient


Max Current

1 Year Stability

0.01 Ohm

5 ppm / °C

1 W

10 A

15 ppm

0.1 Ohm

5 ppm / °C

0.1 W

1 A

10 ppm

1 Ohm

0.5 ppm / °C

0.01 W

100 mA

10 ppm

10 Ohm

0.6 ppm / °C

0.001 W

10 mA

5 ppm

The 3000CS is a dedicated precision current shunt array. A set of four shunts with built-in temperature measurement is provided with four-terminal PRT output on the rear panel.
The 3000CS is built using precision foil current sensing resistors offering an extremely low temperature coefficient with unmatched long term stability.
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