Precision Reference Standards

Precision Reference Standards

3000CS-2The 3000CS is a dedicated precision current shunt array. A set of four shunts with built-in temperature measurement is provided with four-terminal PRT output on the rear panel. The 3000CS is built using precision foil current sensing resistors offering an extremely low temperature coefficient with unmatched long term stability.


The 3000RS is a dedicated precision resistance standard. The standards do not require temperature controlled air or an oil bath making the 3000RS suitable as working standards, transfer standards as well as calibration support for the 3000 series range of multi product calibrators.


The 3000ZR is an integrated 1.018V and 10V reference standard using a multi cell zener reference. Power is supplied via a 12V DC power supply, with internal rechargeable battery backup. The instrument provides indication of power, reference ready and low battery conditions.


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