ProCal-Track Laboratory Management Software

ProCal-Track Laboratory Management Software


  • Complies with ISO-17025 Requirements
  • Advanced asset tracking software
  • Automate workload management
  • Generation of re-calibration notification e-mails and letters
  • Instrument history tracking
  • Full Laboratory Management – Booking in to Shipment Back


ProCal-Track provides tools for the management of instruments from goods inwards through to despatch and all points in between.

ProCal-Track can be used independently of ProCal, or can be integrated for full laboratory automation.

Ease of use is a key priority for Transmille, and as such ProCal-Track has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, providing powerful features without requiring training by performing many tasks automatically. Features such as Job priority tracking and performed automatically, as soon as an instrument is booked into the system.

Using instrument history, ProCal-Track identifies historic instruments immediately.

Powerful barcode integration comes as standard with ProCal-Track, both utilizing bar code scanners to simplify data entry and generating labels that include barcodes for later use. Never write calibration labels by hand again with automated label printing.

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